Dr Judy Wasige

KWISA Board Member

Dr Judy Wasige is a director at KWISA. She is a lecturer and researcher in Public Health at Glasgow Caledonian University.Her predominant work over the last 10 years has been to develop practical, theory-based evidence to support systemic processes and begin to address the marginalisation they create and re-inscribe in policy development and implementation in Scotland. Combining her wide experience in community activism and teaching she has supported university students to critically conceptualise theory into practice. This work is particularly focused on antiracism, decolonisation, migration, transculturally responsive practice developed through Black feminist thought.She has largely developed expertise through supporting communities navigate their experiences of “the systems” involvement in our lives. Further developed her pedagogical skills by integrating critical reflection, an intersectional framework and co-production to facilitate more equitable, direct and relevantly applied learning and practice. This work began as community activism and developed into academic activism. She is a strong advocate of education as a conduit for social justice and pays attention to intergenerational community learning. She is the founder of the Information Learning for All Project (ILFA Project) a charity which works mainly with young people from minoritised racialised backgrounds in Glasgow to navigate safely towards a more included future.As a Director of the Training Research Education and Engagement Management (TREEM) Consultancy, she leads a small collective of community-engaged scholars and activists working with adversely racialised communities in Scotland. Our ways of working pay attention to assumptions within the Academy and understand whose expertise is valued yet works within that landscape to disrupt the usual process and bring the community into the research process using participatory methods.