About Us

Who We Are

KWISA is an African women led organisation based in Edinburgh that advocates for and empowers women and girls of African descent accross Scotland. A key theme of our work centres on adressing inequalities, particularly as they intersect with issues of race, gender, health and socio-economic mobility.

How We Work

KWISA works by creating links and collaborative partnerships with communities and institutions to develop holistic and co-creative stratergies for addressing issues that affect communities of African descent. We do so through:

1. INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERSHIPS. We partner with educational, health, third sector and governmental organizations to deliver projects.

2. LOBBYING & ADVOCACY. We engage MSPs and Scottish Government bodies on polices and decisions that affect communities of African Descent.

3. WORKSHOPS & TRAINING. We organise various workshops centred on enhancing the knowledge or skills of women and their families and on improving their overall wellbeing.

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